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Our Anniversay Date with Luzia

Celebrating 12 yrs together at Cirque’s “Luzia”

My husband and I have been together for 12yrs, married for 5 of those years, and since one of our first experiences together as a couple was Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo, we often return to a Cirque show to celebrate special occasions together.  This anniversary that show was Luzia.

As this anniversary approached, we didn’t really have a plan; as I have been struggling with HG we were unsure whether I’d be up for an evening out.  However, at the last minute we were able to reserve tickets to Luzia and decided to make an evening of it.  To say that I’m glad we went is an understatement.  The show is just beautiful!

Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia is a mesmerizing love letter to Mexico.   The show beautifully embodies varying elements from Mexican culture; our folklore, our music, our customs, and our country’s riches.

The opening act begins with a voice over telling the audience to fasten their seat belts and set our phones to airplane mode as if we were on a flight to Mexico.  A spotlight focuses on a figure at the top of the Grand Chapiteau and we see a clown parachuting in the air held by a harness and invisible wire.  He brilliantly performs the physicality of an actual sky diver or parachuter which combined with his hilarious facial expressions makes for a highly comedic opening.

Upon landing, the clown embarks on a dream journey through Mexico which takes you through a variety of tastes of its folklore some traditional, some modern but all a vivid, vibrant, celebratory depiction of Mexico.  In true Cirque fashion; 16 creators under the artistic guidance of Guy Laliberte and Jean-Francois Bouchard expertly weave the mastery of acrobatics and circus flair with technological elements such as the projection of images in the falling “rain” and robotic watering can creatures to heighten the magic of the show. Between the daring acrobatics, the gasp-inducing caliber of talent onstage, the breathtaking costumes and scenery, and the music; the show is definitely a memorable experience.  Speaking of the music; if you’re a regular Cirque patron, you’ve likely noticed that Cirque productions have a distinct musical signature to their compositions and Luzia does not disappoint in that department.  If anything, it surpasses the expectation laid by its predecessor productions.  Somehow, in Luzia Cirque composer Simon Carpentier manages to brilliantly pay homage to Mexican musical styles like Mariachi, Cumbia, and Pop Latino  while maintaining the signature artistic sound that is unique to Cirque.  In fact, we loved the music so much that we bought the album.  We’ve only done that one other time!

While we didn’t take the munchkins with us to this show, because, well, it’s our anniversary and we wanted alone adult time; this show is completely family friendly.  In fact, there were several kids of varying ages in the audience.  Had it not been our anniversary, we would’ve treated our girls to this enriching experience as well.  The colors, the music, the scenery, and the acts are definitely something that will be enjoyed by the whole family.  If you do decide to make it a kid-free date night, I highly recommend springing for the VIP lounge passes.  We were so glad we did; it includes an open bar 45 minutes before the show which includes popcorn, treats, and non-alcoholic beverages (which this preggo appreciated), as well as a selection of wine and beer.  The lounge is also open during intermission which was considerably more comfortable than standing around for 25 minutes.  Again, this preggo really appreciated that!

The hubby enjoying the VIP Lounge

The Grand Chapiteau is fairly small so most seats are good view; however, I would stay clear of outer edge seats on the side sections, those were blocked by the lighting and sound scaffolding.  Luzia is running until March 25th and I can’t recommend it enough!


Have you seen it? Or are you planning to see it? Drop me a line and let me know what you thought!



Ladies; Advocate for your health

Here I am just one day shy of the 25 week mark.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that all last week I didn’t have the IV hydration because after 3 months of constant poking, my veins finally gave out.  I spent the last eleven days fighting with my insurance company; their delegated authorizing agent, and the provider to get my PICC line (which turns out to be a Midline) approved.

After eleven days of being bounced around from agent to agent, having each entity  blame the other, having the authorization denied twice, having my husband call and go full blown lawyer on them (because I just no longer had the emotional strength to do so), and having my doctor help advocate for me; it was finally approved and this morning I had the Midline installed.

My doctor’s office was as outraged for me as I was going through it- It’s almost as if though the insurance company didn’t grasp the gravity of what me going a week without hydration meant.  In fact, it got to be such a hassle that at one point I actually caught myself thinking, “Well, I’ve survived this long without it…maybe, I can survive without it. Maybe I should just call my doctor and have them cancel the order.”  

But then I spoke with the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office (she’s the best!) and my husband and they BOTH shook me out of this ridiculous thought.  They basically reminded me that I have a RIGHT to feel better.  That this is what I have insurance for and that merely surviving shouldn’t have to be my best option. That I clearly feel and eat better while on the hydration and that I shouldn’t have to settle for barely surviving while feeling miserable.  I’m so glad I listened to them.

I’ve only had the one liter of hydration so far this morning- As I write this, I’m currently hooked up.  And I already feel better with every drop.

But what does it say about our healthcare system and they way it treats women particularly that we default to “toughing it out” or “sucking it up” because even when our symptoms are taking seriously by our doctors; the insurance companies are another story.

And so, I’ve decided it’s important that we share our stories and encourage one another to advocate for our health.  It’s exhausting, and I’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing team at my doctor’s office who advocates for me and a wonderful husband who steps in to fight on my behalf when I just can’t anymore.  But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight if he couldn’t have done it for me- I would’ve swallowed my emotions and done it.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to.

It’s ridiculous and even flabbergasting to me that I had to wait twelve days to have a procedure done that turns out could’ve been approved the same day the FIRST authorization order was submitted.  Twelve days. Twelve days of my insurance company and their delegated medical group hiding behind process while I merely survived; while I felt sick, while I ate less and less for fear of throwing up and sending myself into premature labor, while I smiled and said I was fine when really I could feel the nausea bubbling into potential vomit.  Twelve days.

I hope my post encourages other women to advocate for their health and to push back when doctors or insurance providers hide behind process while the patient’s health is on the line.  I’m grateful to my husband who got so angry he forced each agent to stay on the line with us as we were transferred.  I’m grateful to the team at my doctor’s office who were each heavily involved in hounding my insurance provider for the authorization. I’m grateful to our good friend, Sean, who works in healthcare and advised me through dealing with my insurance and medical group. I’m grateful to my home health nurse who advocated for a Midline for me in the first place. I’m grateful to the random mom at my daughter’s school who’s name I don’t even know who recognized what I was going through with HG, who’s an HG survivor herself, and who suggested to me that I push for in home health care so I wouldn’t have to drive myself thirty minutes each way daily for infusions.

Everyday I keep hoping and praying that I won’t need this much longer.  But everyday on HG has taught me a few things:

  1. How strong I really can be.
  2. How grateful and humbled I am by the outpouring of love, support, cooked meals, lift-my-spirits visits, care packages, come-clean-my-house visits, and more that I have received from our friends and family.
  3. How strong my husband and I’s marriage truly is (though don’t get me wrong; at times HG has put a strain on us.)


So, once again, if you, my dear reader,  are battling with HG; I’m with you sister.  I see you.  I love you. I’m sending you the biggest hug; you’re not alone.  And if you know someone with HG; love on them, send them an encouraging text, show up at their house and just be with them (don’t judge the likely mess), just give ’em some love.

This too shall pass.


Hyperemesis Gravidarum or “Why I’ve been absent”

Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

I’ve really struggled with writing this post.  Mainly because I don’t typically like to share certain aspects of my personal life.  I don’t like to worry my friends and loved ones, I don’t like people fussing over me, and as I’ve mentioned in previous writings: it’s really hard for me to ask for help much less accept it.  I also struggled with writing this post, though I’ve meant to for a couple months now, because I almost feel like I don’t deserve to.  In one of my explorations for answers on Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I came across a blog from a fellow HG mom in which she wrote that she tries to remind herself that other women have it worse.  I do too; during the roughest days with HG I try to remind myself that it could be worse, that I could be hospitalized.  And so it makes me writing about HG very difficult, but I’ve decided to do so, not because I want anyone’s sympathy, but because I owe many of my friends and you, my readers an explanation of why I’ve been such a recluse and why I seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth.


If you haven’t heard of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, don’t fret; I hadn’t either.  Recently, thanks to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, HG has become a little more known.  In short, HG is a condition of pregnancy in which you don’t just experience severe nausea and vomiting.  You vomit so much and are so nauseous that you become dehydrated and depending on the case you face other possible complications.  In my case, my brilliant doctor diagnosed me early enough and intervened before I needed hospitalization.  But said intervention also means I have to receive regular hydration via IV which means my arms look like I’m a heroin addict.  I manage the nausea enough to be able to keep some foods and liquids down, however, most days I’m not able to make it out of bed to do more than start a load of laundry.  Monday through Friday I save up all my energy so that I can pick up my daughter from school and help her with homework.  Other women have it worse, I repeat to myself as I start to get frustrated by my current limitations.  Some days, even with the medication and hydration, I still vomit.  Not passively; violently. Like, pull-my-IV-line-out-of-my-arm-in-the-process, violent.  On particularly bad days, I’ve had to keep my husband from work or call him out of work to take me to the hospital on doctor’s orders for close monitoring.  I’m only 21 weeks, (or already 21 weeks, depending on how you look at it), and the HG is not letting up. Other women have it worse.


The housekeeper comes once every two weeks for a stay of two to three days.  In between, my house looks like chaos, laundry is only ever half done (if that. Thank goodness my kids have so many clothes), and my hubby picks up dinner from a rotation of restaurants.  Those two to three days she’s here are a breath of fresh air (almost literally.)

2018-01-20 11.39.31
This is me, in my mess of a bedroom, supporting the Women’s March on January 20th while hooked up for hydration.  Ps. I don’t like sharing this; it’s not my most flattering look for my bedroom or me.


And so dear ones, now you know why I’ve been missing in action.  I do feel awful at the number of texts, voicemails, and invitations gone without reply.  I feel terrible that I can’t jump to volunteer for the class parties, or the lab days, or the field trips, or even attend the special performances.  I’ve dropped the ball on every holiday. Christmas is my JAM, but this past year; not so much.  I feel awful about the number of cancellations we’ve had to make and the things I’ve bailed on.  Only a handful of people have known about my HG, not because the rest of you don’t matter, but because I don’t like to worry anyone.  Also, because it’s exhausting to explain what it is to each person; it’s not your fault, it’s my natural inclination toward introversion and keeping certain things private.  Were it not for my overwhelming guilt for being such an absent friend, you probably wouldn’t be hearing about this until this baby is at least two years old.

However, take some solace in the knowledge that my absence is non-discriminatory.  I have been absent from a lot of things; Disneyland trips with my husband and girls, aquarium trips, birthday parties, Christmas Eve dinner, bath time, and so much more.  I even left my husband’s company dinner because after not more than an hour, I had to B-line it to the restroom.  I suppose there’s some comedy in picturing the looks of horror on the women’s faces in the two-stall lady’s room of the Balboa Bay Resort as I make sounds that rival the creature in ALIEN vs Predator.  Actually, I don’t suppose.  I know that if I hadn’t been feeling like my body was trying to expel every last cell from itself, I would’ve been able to appreciate the humor from an outside perspective.

2017-12-13 13.48.06
This is early in the infusion process when I had to drive daily to the infusion center, before it got to be too much and I was approved for in-home care.

Other women have it worse.

My husband has been amazing.  He’s taken on a lot.  Much of which he was not previously used to taking on and on top of a full time, demanding career.  He’s taken on dinner time, bath time, bedtimes, school pickups for one of our kids and sometimes for both when I’m in really bad shape.  He tries to help with laundry when he can, a little bit of dishes here and there, he’s left work or not gone in when I’ve needed to be taken in or can’t be home alone.  He takes the kids out of the house on the weekends so I can just rest and so they don’t have to see me ill.  All while trying to meet deadlines for filings, motions, briefs, depositions and being assigned to a new client.  On some mornings when I’m really ill, he’s taken on breakfast, getting them dressed, and school lunches.  Poor guy needs a vacation.  I don’t take what he’s done to make my focusing on my health easier lightly; I know what a sacrifice it is for him.  I know that for every time he takes off work or handles the night routine with the girls; he’s pulling an all-nighter to finish his work.  Other women have it worse.  I’m also very grateful for our families’ efforts to help as much as they can; my aunt and uncle were here for a couple of days to help and my mother-in-law has come up intermittently to help.  I’m grateful for the small things everyone has done to help us; from the dropped off dinners, to offering to watch the girls, to the emotional support and advice… It has not gone unnoticed.

Aside from HG, because I’m an over-achiever, I’m also at risk for premature labor.  Partly because of the HG and partly because of my history of premature labor.  So I have these fun weekly checkups and shots to look forward to.  Other women have it worse.

So friend who’s text I haven’t replied to, who’s voicemail I heard but didn’t call back; who’s invitation to lunch or coffee I seem to have disregarded…. This is the “why.” I still love you, I still care about what’s going on in your life (that’s why you see my ‘likes’ on Facebook sporadically), and I still miss you.  I’m just not myself right now.  But- Other women have it worse. 

So, for now, I just take it day by day and try to focus on the fact that this is not forever.  Eventually, I will be back to my normal- even if the likelihood of that is upon delivery.  Until then, thank the heavens for Netflix, my affinity for writing, and my Kindle.  Until then, I’m not ghosting you, I promise.


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’13 Reasons Why’

My thoughts after watching the show…

*Disclosure: I don’t normally write about this type of thing on my blog, but this does have to do with parenting and quite possibly one of the more scarier aspects of parenting.*


If you haven’t heard of the show 13 Reasons Why, I’ll fill you in:

On the surface, it is a show about a teenage girl who commits suicide seemingly out of the blue.  Before she kills herself, she records a series of tapes outlining the reasons why she chose to end her life.  The show has sparked controversy and a great deal of outcry by parents and some religious groups.

In my own circles I recently heard a woman (whom I don’t know personally), speak angrily about the show.  She claimed we were ‘losing our youth’ to its message and to ‘Hollywood’ overall.  Let me begin by saying that as someone who has worked in the industry on and off and who is still working on establishing a career in the industry; I’m the first to admit that there’s a lot of garbage out there that inexplicably gets produced.  Please don’t get me started on “Rubber,” I still want that hour and twenty-two minutes of my life back.  I’m also the first to admit that a great amount of media and what is produced in ‘Hollywood’ (aka Television & Film), does have damaging messages to our youth; messages about what it is to be “a man,” or about a woman’s role or about violence…  And yes, parents should guard what their children watch.  However, this show isn’t in this category.  Quite the opposite.

After I heard this particular woman speak so ardidly; I did some research.  Since then I’ve seen blogs, articles, and overall buzz about the show and it’s “controversy.”
Some people seemed to be demonizing the show and claiming that it “glorifies suicide.”
This prompted me to watch the show and decide for myself.
After watching, I conclude that anyone who thinks the show ‘glorifies’ suicide hasn’t watched it. Anyone who thinks we are losing our youth to its message doesn’t know the message and is judging the show solely based on its surface premise; a young girl kills herself and leaves behind a mystery in the form of thirteen tapes to be solved.
However, that is not the message.  The message is clear; suicide is not the answer, but it is happening, there is an epidemic and we need to be able to talk about it, specially with our vulnerable youth.
This show is necessary; it is the type of narrative that starts a conversation- conversations that need to happen. We need to be talking about some of the issues that could happen in young teen/adult lives; cyber-bulling and sexual assault specially. And we need to be having those conversations with our youth.
There is a point in the “Beyond the Reasons” segment of the show where one of the consultants, Alexis Jones, founder of I Am That Girl & PROTECTHER says, “I think first and foremost schools can be teaching more emotional education; I think that we’re lacking so severely in that arena.” As well as when the show discusses the idea that we need to have more skilled and equipped people on campus’ to handle what these kids are dealing with and to create a safe place for them to talk and be heard. One of the psychologists consulting on the show, Dr. Rebecca Hedrick,  mentions that it’s common for young adults to not recognize their own emotions or even be able to talk about them…. As well as this powerful notion that we need to educate counselors, educators, and parents on how to receive this type of information from a teen.
I think this show is necessary to begin that dialog for ourselves as parents; “How can I equip myself to talk to my teen? Or how can I create a safe place to help him/her navigate their emotions or to talk to someone who can?”
And also as educators; “How can I know what to look for when a kid needs help? Or how can I let my students know or the students of this school know where to seek help? To feel safe to unburden themselves?”
My takeaway from this show wasn’t that it glorified teen suicide.  My takeaway from this show is that we need to equip ourselves with how to communicate with our youth; specially in an era of technology.  How to understand and not trivialize cyber-bulling,  how to talk about sex and consent openly to keep our youth safe, and more importantly to create a safe space to talk.  That’s my biggest takeaway from the show; TALK.
Be vigilant with your kid, be involved, but also TALK with your kid.
I don’t think 13 Reasons Why is an evil influence on our youth.  If anything, sit down and watch it with your youth.   If anything, the show depicts the damage that a suicide can leave behind; the pain on your loved ones; it doesn’t glorify it.  It shows how hard it is, how ugly and painful and how damaging it is.  After you watch it, have those difficult conversations; talk openly.
As a writer, I admire this type of brave and honest narrative and I think that in this digital age where we have become so cynical and desensitized; I think shows like this  can steer conversations that we need to be having and can help us remember to reinforce or in some cases establish those lines of communication.


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Summer Playdays

Disney Summer Play Days

Since we first moved here in 2014, we have been attending the Disney Summer Play Days.  My good friend, Robin, (who at the time was my new friend), introduced me to this awesome annual event held at the Disney Store.

In the past, we had to be very organized and call our local store ahead of time to see what time the Play Days event would be held each day.  However, this year they have made the event time 3pm, across the board. (I would still call your local store to confirm, just to be safe! )

Every year, the Summer Play Days event hosts different activities ranging from trivia challenges, art activities, and audience participation.  The prizes have also differed each year; our first year the kids received a lanyard and earned pins.  Last year it was tsum tsum charm wristbands and this year it is embroidered character patches!


The Summer Playdays event officially kicked off on June 10th, but don’t worry! There’s still time to jump in on the fun!

Nothing like Summer Play Days with our Peeps! (my girls never look at the camera lol)

Visit the Disney Store for more information.

This is a fun, free event that’s offered daily and is a nice excuse to get out of the house on a weekly basis.  Note; though the event is offered daily, it is not necessary to attend daily.  Each new badge is released on Wednesdays, however, they will continue to handout the same badge until the following Wednesday’s release (or until supplies run out).  While you’re there, you can peruse the Disney Store summer deals (there’s usually good sales! And the clearance area always has some good and inexpensive finds!).



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Spoiling Papi

Father’s Day Gifts & Crafts

Disclosure: This post is purposefully a few days late because my wonderfully supportive hubby follows my blog and IG accounts, so as to not spoil the surprise, I refrained from sharing ahead of time.  That said, I’m excited to finally be able to share with you all how we spoiled Dad this year.  Luckily, these gifts and crafts would work well for birthdays too!


Dad Tees

My husband LOVES tees.  He’s always most comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.  I suspect that this has something to do that his profession requires him to be in a suit and tie more often than not and therefore, when he arrives at home or isn’t at the office; he goes for laidback comfort.

Every Father’s Day I try to find him unique and fun tees that fit his personality.  This year, I scored two original finds along with two ‘commercial finds.’  My ‘original finds’ were the “I heart Disney” tee from AMK Creates, the Maui Demi-Dad tee from Tee Chip, and my ‘commercial finds,’ were this “All Men Are Created Equal Then A Proud Few Become Dads” tee from Target and a Kylo Ren tee from the Disney Store (not pictured).



Safe to say; he’s set for our Disney outings for a while!

A Special Book for Dad

Most of you who follow me know that reading is a big part of our family life.  The girls own more books than I can count and I too have far too many books…and counting…(and not enough time to read them all!)  Story time at bedtime is a very special bonding time for us and our girls and the girls enjoy having their Papi read to them at bedtime.  So this year I opted for personalizing a book that he could read to the girls anytime or bedtime.  I had several companies that I could’ve used (and I’m STILL on the search for one that allows me to write my own story and just provides a catalog of illustrations- like a “build your book” type of service). However, given that we are a bilingual household, I chose to order ours from Mi Cuento

I’m so happy I did! Our storybook turned out great! The girls helped me pick the details that make Papi special like his glasses and nose and Mi Cuento ensured that our book arrived in time for Father’s Day even though it came all the way from Spain!

Enjoying his personalized book with his two Corazones.

Crafts for Papi

Ok. Full disclosure; I don’t do crafts.  Seriously, ask my close friends; I’m not apt at anything that involves glue guns, scissors, painting, etc.  Pinterest and I have a love-hate relationship.  As in I have over 30 boards and over 400 pins of frustrated dreams that I’ll never realize.  Gourmet, magazine-worthy meals that I’ll never pull off because I burn fish sticks.  Yup. You read that right; fish sticks.  And every Pinterest craft I attempt usually ends up being a “Nailed-it” meme-worthy failure.  Nevertheless, I found a couple cute Father’s Day or really any-time-of-the-year crafts to gift Papi that even I couldn’t mess up.

To make either of these crafts all you need is:


Non-toxic crafting paint




package of wipes (to quickly clean little hands and feet)

Significant Other’s work boot or shoe (that he won’t mind a little paint on!)

Et Voila!
So proud of what they made for Papi

Father’s Day Annual Photo

This idea I wish I had stumbled upon when 4 years ago for Sia’s first Father’s Day with Papi. But, I didn’t know about this awesome idea then.  Nevertheless, we will be making this an annual photo from here on out.

Take an annual photo of your kids dressed in your S.O’s dress shirt and tie every year for Father’s Day.   You may tailor this to whatever your S.O wears to work.  This makes for a fun photoshoot, a lovely gift, and a fun way of documenting how your kids are growing every year!


The Spoils…

All in all, I think my wonderful, hard-working, patient, loving, and ever-so supportive Hubby had a great Father’s Day including two tickets to go see the Marvel Super Heroes Live show in July with Sia and a family beach day.  I’d say it was a success.



Do you have any fun and unique Father’s Day or birthday gifts for him that you want to share? I’d love to hear in the comments!!